2017 4-H Camp Dates

Cloverbud Day – June 4

Older – June 12-16

Intermediate – June 19-23

Younger – June 25-29
(Sunday to Thursday)

Camp Counselor and Staff Training

Volunteer Title IX Training

Any individual that volunteers with WVU Extension in WVU Sponsored programs, must complete Title IX training. This includes all leaders as well as all camp counselors.

To help achieve this objective, WVU Extension is offering a face-to-face training on May 20th from 10am – 12pm. We need to train many people quickly and we will be scheduling 2 additional sessions. Please use the survey link below to choose which day will work best for you.


Questions? Contact our office at 304-264-1936 or doug.hovatter@mail.wvu.edu

Read the instructions below, then choose the situation that best describes your role at Tri-County 4-H Camp.

  2. Follow the directions and links for required paperwork and/or training.
  3. Initial, date and sign where indicated
  4. Attach all paperwork to the completed Training Record
  5. Submit no later than April 30th to the Extension Office (Those who will receiving Title IX Training on May 30th may leave that space blank)


Volunteer Application
Adult Counselor Job Description
Teen Counselor / Junior Staff Job Description
19-21 year old Background Check Release
Health Form
Tri-County 4-H Camp Volunteer Training Manual
Essential Elements Training & Verification
Code of Conduct
Children on Campus Training Workbook
Children on Campus Quiz
First Time Adult / Moving Up Training Record
Returning Adult Training Record
Teen Counselor / Junior Staff Training Record
Active Shooter Training
Emergency Plan – Under Revision
West Virginia Bureau of Public Health – Camp Safety